PICA Protection  


     With the construction industry growing

as large as it is and not requiring licensing in most construction fields, It is getting harder to find a quality contractor that does what he says he can do.  More and more people are calling themselves contractors these days and the odds of getting a sub-standard job done are

growing larger daily. 


  PICA is here to put an end to all the confusion and headache that comes with a construction project.   PICA is dedicated to seeing that a quality job is performed by your contractor and that all contractual needs are met and saving you money on the overall construction costs. 


   All of our services are completely free to

the valued consumer so make sure PICA is in your corner for your next project. 


- PICA Protection -



 As special needs grow,   the need for more programs for the special needs individual also grows. 

PICA Care is here to help the special needs individual with several different programs:


#1.  Van transportation for the disabled to           and from doctor appointments.  

#2,   Disabled ramp installations                          and repairs.  

#3.   Bathroom modifications. Home                  Maintenance. Emergency services.                    

            PICA Care is here to help

 make your bathroom and the rest of

your house more disability accessible 

for easier living.   Full and partial grants

available to qualified candidates for

home maintenance and modifications.

Click the link below for more details.


   - PICA Care -

PICA House


   With programs to help the homeless and

 prevent the low income from becoming

homeless, PICA House provides a full amenity boarding house for the homeless along with life counseling programs and the transportation program is available

to assist in job placement.  Allowing the homeless individual or family to get the restart in life they need.  


  Our general maintenance program in PICA Care will provide additional jobs for those who qualify in the PICA House program and with proper counseling and a job placement program we will assist them in rejoining society.


  Everyone deserves a second chance and now that chance is available with a PICA House.



   - PICA House -


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