Section 1. MISSION

The mission of People's Independent Consumers Association is to better every community we enter by allowing the homeless to have a chance to restart in life and helping the low income handicap by completing all necessary modifications to their home making them more accessible.

1. Relieve the homeless population in every city we enter with the creation of PICA Houses.

2. Assuring the low income handicap to make all the necessary modifications to their home.

3. Bring integrity back to the construction industry with a free PICA Protection Plan.

Section 2. CORE VALUES

In performing its mission, the following core values should guide the decisions and actions of PICA:

1. Uphold integrity under any circumstance.

2. Treat each person with dignity and respect.

3. To meet or exceed our customers' expectations of us.

4. Committed to continual improvement of the community.

5. Always have an open line of communication.

6. Do what is right regardless of the circumstances or outcome.

7. To make sure everyone is treated fairly.

These core values are deliberately expressed in very general terms, so that they may provide useful and relevant guidance in the broadest possible range of circumstances. Because they are not narrowly prescriptive, the specific way in which they apply, individually and collectively, to each new situation will necessarily depend on many factors that cannot be fully anticipated or enumerated; and because they are statements of principal rather than practice, situations will inevitably arise in which perfect fidelity to all seven core values simultaneously is not possible. Any PICA body making a recommendation or decision shall exercise its judgement to determine which core values are most relevant and how they apply to the specific circumstance of the case at hand, and to determine, if necessary, an appropriate and defensible balance among competing values.