1. Purpose. The purpose of seeking external advice is to allow the policy-development process within PICA to take advantage of existing expertise that resides in the public or private sector but outside of PICA. In those cases where there are relevant public bodies with expertise, or where access to private expertise could be helpful, the Board and constituent bodies should be encouraged to seek advice from such expert bodies or individuals.

2. Types of Expert Advisory Panels.

a. On its own initiative or at the suggestion of any PICA body, the Board may appoint, or authorize the President to appoint, Expert Advisory Panels consisting of public or private sector individuals or entities. If the advice sought from such Panels concerns issues of public policy, the provisions of Section 1(3)(b) of this Article shall apply.

b. In addition, in accordance with Section 1(3) of this Article, the Board may refer issues of public policy pertinent to matters within PICA's mission to a governmental or treaty organization.

3. Process for Seeking Advice-Public Policy Matters.

a. The PICA Advisory Committee may at any time recommend that the Board seek advice concerning one or more issues of public policy from an external source, as set out above.

b. In the event that the Board determines, upon such a recommendation or otherwise, that external advice should be sought concerning one or more issues of public policy, the Board shall, as appropriate, consult with the PICA Advisory Committee regarding the appropriate source from which to seek the advice and the arrangements, including definition of scope and process, for requesting and obtaining that advice.

c. The Board shall, as appropriate, transmit any request for advice from a governmental or treaty organization, including specific terms of reference, to the PICA Advisory Committee, with the suggestion that the request be transmitted by the PICA Advisory Committee to the governmental or treaty organization.

4. Process for Seeking and Advice-Other Matters. Any reference of issues not concerning public policy to an Expert Advisory Panel by the Board or President in accordance with Section 1(2)(a) of this Article shall be made pursuant to terms of reference describing the issues on which input and advice is sought and the procedures and schedule to be followed.

5. Receipt of Expert Advice and its effect. External Advice pursuant to this Section shall be provided in written form. Such advice  is advisory and not binding, and is intended to augment the information available to the Board or other PICA body in carrying out its responsibilities.

6. Opportunity to Comment. The PICA Advisory Committee, in addition to the Supporting Organizations and other Advisory Committees, shall have an opportunity to comment upon any external advice received prior to any decisions by the Board.