Due to the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, FEMA and Red

Cross are being overloaded and are forced to deny some homeowners of the necessary repairs they need, resulting in many of these homeowners not being able to make the necessary repairs to their homes and leaving no other means to get the repairs done. The donations collected from these funds will be used to make the necessary repairs to those denied by FEMA and Red Cross.

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‚Äč     If your home was damaged from Hurricane Harvey and you have been denied help from FEMA and Red Cross you may qualify for assistance from PICA's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

The relief fund is designed to come in and rebuild your home back to a living order. We will provide you the contractors and the materials to rebuild your home better then it was before the storm took its toll. To qualify for assistance click the link below.

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     Are you a contractor of integrity? Do you enjoy helping others? If so then, you are what we are looking for. PICA is hiring contractors of integrity to join us on our Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund efforts, to rebuild the damaged homes of those who do not qualify for any other assistance. All contractors must apply through the PICA member application process to qualify and receive the reconstruction contracts. To apply click the link below.

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