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May 29

Coil-coated metals

Posted by E.Cobb COO  filed under Materials   0 Comment(s)    Add a Comment  comment-icon.png

    Architects, builders, manufacturers, and the general public appreciate the superior aesthetic qualities of coil-coated metals. Although the cost and environmental attributes are undeniable, the outstanding appearance, consistency, and durability of this popular building material are largely fueling its popularity. 

    The manufacturing process enables impeccable quality and consistency, boosting project durability. Large coils of metal are unwound, cleaned, coated, and oven-cured in an automated process, reducing manufacturing costs, imperfections, and associated environmental impacts. The metal is then rewound for shipping, resulting in superior-quality finished products that are not otherwise possible with other coating systems.

    Coatings excel in abrasion resistance, weathering performance, durability, and hardness—keeping projects vibrant and awe inspiring for many years to come.

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