PICA Care Programs

    As special needs grow the need for more programs for the special person also grows.  PICA Care is here to help the special needs individual with several different programs.  Are you one of the many special needs people making due with a bathroom barely big enough to fit your wheelchair in? If your bathroom is not up to standards, PICA Care is here to help you make your bathroom and the rest of your house more  accessible.


Disability Ramps   

       The ramp program is to install a special needs ramp or repair an existing ramp to the homes of the low income special needs individual.  Qualifying candidates can receive their ramp on a 100% grant from PICA Care.   With special incentives for business to install ramps we hope to promote more and more special needs accessible locations for local business and strip malls.


Bathroom Modifications   

     If your bathroom is not up to standards, PICA Care is here to help you make your bathroom more accessible.  PICA Care will retrofit your current bathroom with proper handrails and fixtures to make your bathroom more accessible.  In some cases PICA will completely rebuild your bathroom to make it larger and up to ADA standards allowing you the freedom of movement.

Home Modifications   

      The home modifications will not stop at the bathroom and the entrance.  PICA Care will also widen hallways and doorways as needed and lower counter tops and cabinets.  PICA Care will do what it takes to make your home more accessible and easier for you to navigate.  Your freedom of movement is important to PICA Care and depending on your needs PICA Care is here for you.

Maintenance Program   

       The general repair program is in place to help maintain the exteriors of the homes of the special needs individual..  PICA Care's maintenance program will handle all light maintenance duties such as gutter repair, siding repair, minor painting, deck repair, railing repair, driveway and walkway repairs and any other minor repairs associated with the safety of the home.

Wheelchair Replacement   

      Medicare and other healthcare insurance providers have their limitations on wheelchair replacement and the issuing of a new wheelchair altogether.  PICA Care is here to assist in the replacement of that old out dated chair and bring in a new one or we will help get your first one.  Qualifying candidates can receive their wheelchair on a 100% grant from PICA Care.

Transport Program   

      PICA Care Handi-Van Program will provide the qualifying candidates with transportation to and from doctors appointments and therapy appointments.  The Handi-Van Program is only available in limited areas and soon will reach out further to assist more people in need. 

All the grants above require being registered with PICA for the application process.

To register complete this simple form and you can apply for a grant to the program you need.   

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