PICA House Programs


Restart in life - Providing a new starting point.

        A Pica House is a boarding style home  with a program to assist the homeless in restarting a productive lifestyle.  Each Pica House is fully equipped with all the amenities necessary to function in today's world.  Each person will have access to all the programs offered within Pica House. 

Job Placement - Assistance in rejoining the work force.

 PICA House will assist each member with a job placement program that enables each member to procure proper ID's and birth cirtificates.  Along with Pica Care's Home Maintenance programs PICA can offer several jobs within the organization in their fields of expertise.

 Life Counseling - Providing proper guidance and counseling.

       Each Pica House will have a life coach / counselor available to promote self growth.  Each House will have weekly Life Management Classes that are a part of the program along with personal assistance with job placement and interview training for each member.

Preventing Homelessness - Stopping it before it starts.

       PICA will help the low income family relocate in the event of the loss of their home.  In the event the home is a total loss Pica House will provide long term residences for the low income families.  A limited utility program for those families at risk of loosing their utilities in their home.

Emergency Home Repairs - There for you when you need it most.

       Low income families can apply to have their home fixed in the case of an emergency in which they can not afford to fix.  PICA's maintenance crews will handle the emergency repairs unless it requires a certified professional for the job. 

Transportation Program - The ride to and from work.

       Every Pica House will have a carpool van to allow each member of the house transportation to and from work as they progress to the purchase of their own vehicles and drivers licenses.  The transportation director is there to provide assistance in recovering the members licenses.