PICA Protection Program


  PICA consultants are there for you to get educated about your project and are not a salesman. They are here for your guidance and to assist you in any of the decision making process.

  • Initial Consultation:   PICA will sit down with you and go over your project in detail and inform you of all your possibilities and options.  From the types of materials right down to what may be best for your budget.  The consultant is there for you to get all your questions answered, so don't be shy!
  • Estimate Consultation:    When it is required for members to visit the job site to complete the estimates, a PICA consultant will be present to greet them, and handle any questions on your behalf.  So you never have to miss work to meet an estimator or worry about scheduling them to do your estimate.
  • Contractor Selection:    When the three estimates are completed, the consultant will return to review the companies that placed a bid on your project, and inform you about the companies in full detail, so you know everything about the company that bid on your project.  Allowing you to make an educated decision on who to hire.
  • Completion Consultation:    Upon completion of your project we will have our final consultation for this project.  During this consultation we will review the entire scope of the project with you and answer any final questions you may have and issue you the final completion certificate on your project.



Qualified consumers receive a minimum of three estimates to compare for their particular project.  With competitive bidding that ensures that you get the best possible price for high quality work.

  • Estimate Appointment:    We will set up the appointment for members to estimate the project and have a P.I.C.A. representative present while members bid.
  • Estimate Presentation:    PICA will gather all three estimates from the members and present them to you for your final decision on who to hire.
  • Additional Estimates:    If you are unable to decide on one of the three we will present you with three more estimates for your project with a small fee.
  • Saving You Time:    PICA will do all the leg work for you.  You wont have to go to the phone book or one of those lists with all the fake reviews.



 From the very beginning of your project you will have a PICA inspector.  PICA will perform a site inspection prior to any work being done and inspect every phase of the contract until its finished.

  • Initial Inspection:    A PICA inspector will visually inspect your project prior to any work starting and perform an initial report on the project.
  • Progress Inspections:    A PICA inspector will inspect all phases of the contract from the very start of the job and remain until the job is finished.
  • Final Inspection:    Upon completion of the job PICA will perform a final inspection to ensure all contractual needs are met, prior to making final payment to the contractor.
  • Inspection Reports:    PICA will keep a detailed report of all the inspections for a final report that is available at completion of your project.



 PICA will be there for you to oversee and manage the entire project.   From the very beginning of your project a PICA Representative will be available in person to relieve you of all your worries. 

  • Consulting:    PICA will educate you about the requirements for your project and its budget with the initial consultation.
  • Estimates:    PICA will provide three qualified contractors to present bids to prevent over pricing and to keep the pricing competitive.
  • Bid Review:    PICA will inform you about the three companies and their credentials that placed a bid on your project.
  • Inspections:    PICA will provide on site inspections to ensure contract needs are met and your contractor is doing the job correctly.
  • Payment Management:    PICA will manage all payments to the contractor, ensuring the money does not exceed the work done.


All the services above are offered absolutely FREE to the consumer.